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Free Desktop Wallpaper HD

Download Desktop Wallpaper

Download Free Desktop Wallpaper HD The most common desktop wallpaper sizes are 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1920 x 1080. Normal wallpaper has resolution of 1024×768 and screen ratio of 4:3

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Dell Vostro features and price

Dell Vostro 3559

Dell Vostro computers were launched to work for small businesses, both from offices and from home. Their launch would replace the Dell Dimension line, and see the Dell Inspiron range become solely aimed towards the consumer market. Like the Latitude range before them, they focus on top-notch reliability and office performance, as well as useful…

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Dell Inspiron: Perfect for work and play

Dell Inspiron

When people consider the Dell Inspiron, they think of value for money, reliability and straightforward user-friendliness. And so they should. Dell have been making these sturdy devices for the retail market since the mid-1990s, and have mastered the entry-level, ultra-portable consumer laptop in the intervening years. There is, however, a lot more to the range.…

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Dell Latitude: built and optimised for business

Dell Latitude

When the first Dell Latitude laptops arrived during the early 1990s, computers were viewed with suspicion. They were considered complicated and unrefined at best, frightening and insulting at worst; the only comfort being that the millennium bug would soon see the ghastly things off once and for all. PCs, particularly in the workplace, were seen…

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Dell monitors for every purpose

Curved Dell monitor

Whether you’re gaming, browsing or typing away at all hours in some sort of super-busy professional capacity, you’ll need a Dell monitor that does your work, rest or play justice. Noted desktop purveyors as the brand are, it’s to be expected that Dell have some pretty great monitors up their sleeve; new TFT (that’s thin…

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